Fidelis is Professor and Department Head in the Department of Built Environment at the Central University of Technology, Free State. Fidelis was previously a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the NMMU-cidb Centre of Excellence at the Built Environment Research Centre (BERC), Nelson Mandela University (NMU). Fidelis is a Research Associate in Construction Management at NMU and the Coordinator of CIB TG59 – People in Construction.

His qualifications include a National Diploma in Civil Engineering, a Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering, and an MSc in the Built Environment with specialization in Construction Management and PhD in Construction Management. His responsibilities in the University include research, supervision of research, publishing, academic community service, professional association, delivering lectures and administration.

Fidelis has taught and assessed undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Construction Management and Research Methodology. Fidelis has also led the design and development of new construction qualifications in Higher Education. Fidelis is presently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education at Rhodes University.


Department of Built Environment – CUT

Unit for Lean Construction and Sustainability

prof fa emuze resume December 2018


Google Scholar

Research Gate

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